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Pucker Up! Dogwood

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It’s all about the leaves! It wasn’t that long ago that every garden in America wanted a dogwood.

These native shrubs were easy to care for and had those classic flowers that everyone “in the know ” had to have.

(When the daughter of the famous department store magnate had her home on the cover of that famous magazine, it was dogwood branches in the vase on the grand piano, in case you were wondering.

After that no socialite worth her silver spoon would be caught dead without several dogwoods available in the garden for floral design.

) So, yes, the flowers are beautiful.

Even the twigs are beautiful.

But the leaves.


they were just foliage.

Until now.

Let us introduce you to the newest star in the world of dogwood shrubs – Pucker Up! Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera ‘ Neil Z’).

This gorgeous plant has leaves that are so elegant and textured that they look almost like they were hand-stitched by master quilt-makers.

The flowers are pretty, but the leaves will stop you in your tracks! This new take on an American native is so easy to care for.

It handles just about any soil – even wet ones – and thrives in partial shade.

It rarely needs pruning to maintain its sexy shape and it also looks good in the winter when its bare branches blush red.

Use it in mass plantings along the foundation of your porch, in a naturalistic garden bordering the property line or as a stand-out specimen in a pot by the patio.

Plant multiples so that you can cut the branches and bring them inside for very “of-the-moment ” decorating.

If you have even briefly thought of having a dogwood in your yard, then this is the time to buy and Pucker Up! Dogwood is the shrub.

Be the first person you know to have one! Order yours now!
* Very hardy native
* Heavily textured foliage
* Tolerant of a wide range of conditions
* Spring flowers
* Salt tolerant

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