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Profusion Crabapple

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Small Tree with Big Splash of Color Profusion Crabapple is a flowering Crabapple tree.

It does well in both country and urban settings and should be planted where you’ll never miss a moment of its superior attributes throughout the seasons.

Profusion Crabapple is an exceptional tree for your yard, but particularly stunning in the spring when red buds pepper its branches with color.

The buds open into 1.

5-inch blossoms that blanket the tree in a brilliant splash of vibrant hot-pink.

It’s a “profusion ” of color that’s not to be missed! The effect is eye-catching from even long distances, and sure to draw the attention of friends and neighbors.

Even without its spring display, Profusion Crabapple is a sight to see.

The 3-inch, oval leaves pop out amid the branches in a delightful red shade.

As time passes, you’ll see those bright leaves transition to green and then bronze for autumn.

The foliage is a perfect accompaniment to the rounded form of your Profusion, lending it a full, vigorous appearance all summer long.

When fall approaches, 1/2-inch, red crabapples will appear, dangling amid the ornamental leaves and persisting into winter as a special boon for your wildlife.

As an added bonus, harvest a few Crabapples for yourself as they’re a popular choice for homemade jellies.

Your Profusion Crabapple is a small tree that will grow 15-25 feet tall with a 25 foot spread to its somewhat rounded, weeping shape.

It has good disease resistance and is extremely hardy.

Deer tend to overlook Profusion Crabapple and it even does well in a variety of soil types.

Plant a Profusion Crabapple anyplace you’d like a strong, ornamental focal point in your landscape.

You won’t be disappointed with this exceptional, ornamental tree!
* Deep Red Flowers That Change to Dark Pink
* Adaptable, Hardy, and Disease Resistant
* Small Wide Tree

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