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Early Season Berry with Exceptional Qualities Premier Blueberry, Vaccinium ashei ‘ Premier’, is a rabbiteye type blueberry bush.

Plant a few in a grouping in your side yard where you can have your very own mini-orchard and a source of the freshest fruit possible.

Your Premier Blueberry has many admirable features.

Delicate white blossoms bloom in spring, sprinkled across the vibrant, green foliage for an elegant, early season display.

The foliage transitions to shades of orange and red for autumn.

As lovely as it is however, Premier isn’t just a pretty face.

The flowers bloom late, so you won’t have to worry as much about late freezes damaging your crop.

It is also a rabbiteye type bush, meaning that you’ll have sweeter, hardier fruit that is more amenable to freezing for storage.

The June- July berries are large, delicious and of high quality, with a variety of health benefits naturally built right in.

Blueberries are among the healthiest fruits you can grow.

They are full of antioxidants, vitamins and other health-inducing qualities that make them a must-have for those interested in healthy living.

Blueberries are also delicious, wonderful eating right from the bush or used in desserts, pies, jellies.

and countless other culinary uses.

Premier Blueberry is a deciduous shrub that will grow 6 feet in height with a 5-6 foot spread.

It has a rounded nature and upright habit.

Premier Blueberry is low maintenance so it won’t require a lot of effort from you in order to reap its amazing benefits.

It’s highly productive, but for optimal harvest, you’ll want to plant more than one variety.

This early to mid-season ripening blueberry variety is a must-have for any blueberry-lover.

The large, light blue fruit is as delicious as it is attractive.

The foliage is lovely and the shrub generally carefree.

You can’t go wrong trying one of these amazing blueberry varieties.

Premier truly is a “premier ” blueberry for your yard this year!
* Delicious and healthy fruit
* Spring flowers
* Autumn color
* Cold hardy
* Heat and drought resistant
* Rabbit tolerant
* Adaptable to a variety soils

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