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Prairie Fire Dogwood

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4- Season Shrub with Brilliant Color Prairie Fire Dogwood is a deciduous shrub with outstanding 4-season color and winter interest.

Use several for a colorful hedge along your driveway, one as an accent in your front yard, or in mass plantings in a naturalized area.

It’s as versatile as it is colorful.

Your Prairie Fire Dogwood begins the season ablaze with golden-yellow foliage in the spring that gradually transforms into a softer yellow.

before again bursting into flaming hues of bright red and orange for your autumn landscape.

Prairie Fire Dogwood has delightfully pointy leaves that add an interesting texture to its rounded form, making it a lovely shrub even without its lively color.

In late spring, clusters of creamy white flowers appear at the ends of the branches that eventually become white berries your wildlife will love.

The most beloved feature of your Prairie Fire Dogwood is its winter interest.

Just when you think the show is over for the year, this little gem will surprise you.

It adds color every winter with its tomato-orange branches that are extremely showy and is sure to brighten up your drab, off-season landscape! Prairie Fire Dogwood is a multi-stemmed shrub that will reach 7 feet in height with a 5 foot spread.

This is a relatively low-maintenance shrub.

It can be pruned at anytime, or you can simply leave it alone for a natural appearance For brilliant, 4-season interest in a hardy low-maintenance shrub, you can’t go wrong with Prairie Fire Dogwood.
* 4-season color
* Winter interest
* Wildlife interest
* Hardy Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs in Southern Regions

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