Garden Plant: Playful Meadow Mama Coneflower

Playful Meadow Mama Coneflower Garden Plant

Playful Meadow Mama Coneflower

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Product Description: Playful Meadow Mama Coneflower

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Unusual and Beautiful Color Combo! Coneflowers are native American perennials that have lit up the mid-western prairies for centuries in yellows, browns and purples.

More recently breeders have been coaxing out amazing shades of red, orange, lavender and coral.

Now there is a truly unique new color and form in this exquisite native flower.

Playful Meadow Mama Echinacea is raspberry pink with curled white tips, like berries dipped in cream.

The central cone is deep red which makes a surprising and lovely counterpoint to the striking petals.

The Meadow Mama series of coneflowers are slightly taller than other Echinacea’s and are super floriferous.

They are perfect for mixed borders or massed plantings.

Their flower power will amaze you! They excellent for your sunny garden and they make perfect potted plants in your favorite container with your favorite annuals and perennials.

Plant plenty to cut and bring inside or share with your neighbors.

Not only will you and your neighbors enjoy these beauties every year, but they attract pollinators like.


bees to honey! It’s simple to add some easy-care color to your borders, beds and containers this year.

Buy Playful Meadow Mama today!
* Beautiful flowers for many months
* Easy-care native
* Great cut flower
* Attracts pollinators

Playful Meadow Mama Coneflower Order Options