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Pixwell Gooseberry

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Hardy Shrub with Edible Fruit Gooseberry is not a common fruit in America and that’s a shame.

Fresh gooseberries are a real treat.

They have a taste that can be sour grape-y, or like fresh apples or plums, or like tropical fruit, depending on when you harvest them.

Among gooseberries, the Pixwell Gooseberry is a top performer.

Pixwell is a handsome shrub from spring to fall all on its own, but it is made all the more valuable because it provides delectable edible fruit from July to September.

Pick them green or be patient and wait while they change from red to plum colored.

The longer you wait, the sweeter they become.

Most often they are picked right between the green and red stages when they are nice and firm and then they are used for sweet/tart wine, pies and preserves.

Your Pixwell Gooseberry will grow up to 6 feet tall in a sunny spot.

Pixwell looks great planted in a group along a fence, or planted singly as a spotlight in your garden.

It’s almost thornless, mildew resistant and easy to prune.

It has a spring bloom of flowers that you probably won’t notice.

However, bees and butterflies certainly will, making this plant a valuable asset to your yard’s wildlife in the spring as well as in the fall.

Gooseberries have been prized for generations, and this variety will be an outstanding asset to your garden and kitchen pantry.

The more plants you buy, the more fruit you’ll have!
* Nutritious berries
* Hardy
* Beneficial to wildlife

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