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Pink Spires Crabapple

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The Pink Spires Crabapple, Malus ‘ Pink Spires’, is ideal for a confined screen or border planting.

This excellent rosy bloom crab, one of the earliest to bloom, was selected by W.


Kerr, Canada Department of Agriculture, and Sutherland, Saskatchewan.

Trees in this genus that produce fruit less than two inches in diameter are considered crabapples.

Pink Spires is an upright, narrow tree and in the spring it is covered with single pink flowers with red-purple foliage.

This foliage turns to green-bronze in the summer and then copper in fall.

Pink Spires is a small, hardy, deciduous ornamental tree with a fair resistance to scab and fireblight, shows good resistance to mildew, and a strong resistance to rust.

Pink Spires does well in most soil, but will be more attractive if fed peat and compost.

It requires little pruning and this should be done before late spring.

Pink Spires Crabapples are useful as median trees where the fruit will fall away from pedestrians.

It is suggested that this tree be planted away from a patio or other hard surface so the deep purple-red fruits will not cause a mess.

Placed in the lawn area as an accent this Pink Spires Crabapple will give you years of wonderful flowers and showy fruit!
* Upright habit
* Disease resistant
* Showy fruit

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