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Pink Lemonade Blueberry

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Unique Blueberry with Ornamental Features Pink Lemonade Blueberry is a deciduous, fruit-bearing bush.

Several of these would look outstanding at the back of your perennial bed, along a foundation or even plant just one in your garden for a summer treat.

Blueberry bushes are special in that they not only produce delicious fruit, but are also beneficial as an ornamental shrub.

Your Pink Lemonade Blueberry will amaze you with its versatility.

Petite, bell-shaped flowers will be your first surprise when the delicate, pink-hued blooms appear in spring.

Their light fragrance will call to pollinators, enhancing your experience with the butterflies and bees that come in for a visit.

Pink Lemonade will fill out nicely for summer into a vase-like shape.

Its silver-blue and serrated, lanceolate leaves blanket the arching limbs, creating a lovely silhouette for your landscape.

As summer progresses, tiny green berries will appear, slowly transitioning to white, then light pink, and finally the dark pink that indicates they’re ready for a taste.

Much sweeter than most blueberries, they also possess a firm texture and are excellent for eating plain, or in a variety of culinary dishes.

Another special feature of your Pink Lemonade is that, unlike many other blueberry varieties, the harvest will continue on into fall, so you can enjoy these sumptuous beauties long into the season.

When autumn is upon you, you’ll revel in the orange-red coloring of the leaves that is the final ornamental step before the leaves drop to reveal the yellow-red twig color underneath.

Pink Lemonade Blueberry will grow to 5 feet in height with an equal spread.

It’s a compact variety with lower cold requirements than most blueberries, and also relatively pest free.

Pink Lemonade prefers full sun and acidic soil and although self-fertile, will perform best with other blueberries planted nearby.

You can’t go wrong with Pink Lemonade Blueberry! The cancer-fighting antioxidant properties of the fruit is reason alone to have one in your yard, but the ornamental qualities and special features of this unique shrub make it a must have.
* Exceptional fruit
* Ornamental, year-round interest
* Wildlife interest

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