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Pineapple Pear Tree

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Hardy Pear with Unique Flavor Pineapple Pear Tree, Pyrus communis ‘Pineapple’, is a fruit bearing tree with a hardy nature and superior attributes.

Plant one in a location where it will have at least 6 hours of full sun each day.

Your Pineapple Pear Tree is an all-around great choice for a pear tree that is pretty, provides a terrific harvest and is easy to grow.

It can stand up to a lot of challenges and still put on a good show.

Pineapple Pear not only creates a magical spring display of delicate, white flowers from early to late spring but maintains a vibrant, green appearance throughout the summer months.

When July rolls around, your Pineapple Pear tree begins to offer up some of its sumptuous fruit, providing you with a harvest from July to August.

Each large pear possess’ green coloring with russet overtones and a slight, scarlet blush.

Pineapple Pear is a hard pear, with crisp flesh that is well suited to preserves, pear butter or tasty right off the tree.

The flesh has a grainier nature than some, with a flavor that has been described as tangy with hints of pineapple and apple.

It’s a unique pear to be sure, and one that will certainly have you planting more trees in order to increase your yield.

Pineapple Pear Tree will grow up to 25 feet in height with a 20 foot spread.

Some people use pear trees for ornamental purposes only, but even though Pineapple Pear is considered self-fruitful, you will want to have two varieties to encourage an optimal harvest.

If you’re a pear-lover, or just think pear trees are pretty, Pineapple Pear is a wonderful choice for both beginning gardener and expert.

It provides the ornamental features of a pear tree in a hardy variety of tree (that some say is so easy to care for that it’s hard to kill), with a fruit that is unique among pears in flavor.

Try a Pineapple Pear tree today and you’ll soon see why it’s such a popular variety.
* Uniquely flavored fruit
* Spring flowers
* Hardy
* Adaptive to a variety of soils

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