Garden Plant: Piglet Fountain Grass

Piglet Fountain Grass Garden Plant

Piglet Fountain Grass

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Easy Care Fountain Grass has Varied Colors and Texture Piglet Fountain Grass, Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘ Piglet’ PPAF, is a new fountain grass that is perfectly sized for any garden.

At only 18″ tall, Pennisetum ‘ Piglet’ is half the size of Pennisetum ‘ Hameln’ and much more floriferous than Pennisetum ‘ Little Bunny’.

In late summer, tawny plumes cascade up and above the finely textured, green foliage.

Pennisetum ‘ Piglet’ looks stunning with other late summer blooming perennials like asters or caryopteris.

The value of this long-lived and low-maintenance fountain grass comes from the varied colors and textures of the foliage as well as the striking flower spikes.

From earliest spring into the dead of winter, this grass offers an arresting display that complements flowering plants nearby while making an elegant statement on its own.

‘ Piglet’ Fountain Grass is a good choice for busy gardeners because it requires little or no pruning, is resistant to most insects, and tolerates drought well.

Plant in well drained soil.
* No pruning required
* Late summer blooms
* Great in containers

Piglet Fountain Grass Order Options