Garden Plant: Phlox Emerald Pink

Phlox Emerald Pink Garden Plant

Phlox Emerald Pink

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Creeping Groundcover is in the Pink Phlox Emerald Pink ushers in spring with a profusion of fabulous color.

This low growing creeping phlox is no taller than 6″.

Phlox ‘ Emerald Pink’ has a compact habit that is perfect for borders and rock gardens.

Mass plantings of ‘ Emerald Pink’ will create a beautiful sea of pink in your garden landscape! Gritty, slightly alkaline soils are preferred and good drainage is essential for ‘ Emerald Pink’.

It’s a good idea to shear this plant back and clean up any dead foliage in early summer, just after its finished blooming.

This will produce denser foliage and will encourage it to rebloom.

The needle-like semi-evergreen foliage forms a tough, durable ground cover.

During the winter, in cold areas, the plants may die back and recover again in the spring.
* Tiny Pink Blooms on Compact Groundcover
* 6″ Dark Green Foliage
* Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds

Phlox Emerald Pink Order Options