Garden Plant: Phlox Cotton Candy

Phlox Cotton Candy Garden Plant

Phlox Cotton Candy

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Ornamental Perennial with Superior, Summer- Long blooms Cotton Candy Phlox is a dense perennial with superior flowers.

Plant several of these along a border or flower bed for bright bursts of color all summer long.

If you’ve never seen the Cotton Candy Phlox, you don’t know what you’re missing.

The narrow, emerald-green leaves in the spring set the stage for the performance to come.

and what a spectacular performance it is! Your Cotton Candy doesn’t just produce a flower.

It flowers in bouquets of blossoms, and does so throughout the entire summer.

Clusters of 5-petalled blooms, each like an exquisite bouquet of pink-blossomed perfection, will adorn your yard all summer long.

Each individual flower is small, with light pink petals and a dark pink eye.

Their clustered manner has the effect of a giant flower head that will stand out to anyone passing by.

Your Cotton Candy Phlox stands is a heavy-bloomer, with scented flowers drawing butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard all summer.

Cotton Candy Phlox is mildew and disease resistant as well, so it can stand up to many of the issues other common plants sometimes fall prey to.

As outstanding as the summer flowers are outside in your yard, they even make wonderful indoor cut flower arrangements.
* Large and prolific flowers
* Hardy
* Summer blooms

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