Garden Plant: Penstemon Dark Towers

Penstemon Dark Towers Garden Plant

Penstemon Dark Towers

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Enjoy Incredible Color, Even When Not in Bloom! We all need a little mystery in our lives.

Dark Towers Penstemon brings an air of chic mystery to your garden even before it blooms! Dark Towers arouses interest first with its deep red foliage.

Then, to draw you in, it bursts open striking two-toned, tubular flowers that bloom on tall stems in early and mid-summer.

The sweet blossoms are light pink, with a darker pink tone at their base that plays beautifully off of the ox-blood colored leaves.

Penstemon is a hardy native that blooms reliably when planted in a place it loves.

Commonly called ‘beard-tongue’, you have seen penstemon around forever.

This variety is a newer cultivar that was chosen for its hardiness and color-fastness.

A little taller than others in this class, its deep colors blend well with other natives like Black-eyed Susan and Muhly Grass.

Did we mention that hummingbirds flock to penstemon like ducks to water? Your garden will be alive with birds and butterflies.

For incredible color, even when not in bloom, you can’t beat Dark Towers as a great addition to your garden this year.

Hardy and beautiful, Dark Towers is sure to please.
* Dramatic foliage color
* Wildlife interest
* Heat and humidity tolerant

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