Garden Plant: Peach Sorbet Blueberry

Peach Sorbet Blueberry Garden Plant

Peach Sorbet Blueberry

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Petite Blueberry Really Produces The Peach Sorbet (Waccinuim corymbosum ‘ Peach Sorbet’) is an easy-to-grow, dwarf blueberry.

It would work well in many places in your yard, but is particularly well-suited to container plantings for the patio or front porch.

If you’ve always wanted a blueberry bush of your very own, but thought they were too fussy or required too much space, well think again.

The Peach Sorbet is a petite little darling ready to grace your porch with its delectable presence.

Just like a full-sized blueberry bush, your Pink Sorbet will burst into bloom with delicate, white spring flowers.

The fruit will ripen mid-season, and is just as sweet and juicy as its larger counterparts.

The leaves are particularly showy, with a mix of glossy green and peach hues.

Autumn brings a purple shade to the foliage for a final burst of color before the season draws to a close.

Your Peach Sorbets’ compact, mounding habit further lends it to being perfect for container plantings or tight spaces.

It’s considered a heavy bearer of fruit, which stores well and is useful in a variety of culinary recipes.

Left undisturbed, the fruit is also very popular with songbirds and other wildlife.

The Peach Sorbet is clearly an outstanding choice for a dwarf blueberry bush.
* Produces Heavily
* Compact
* Attracts Wildlife

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