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Pawnee Pecan Tree

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Grows Where it’s Cold! If you’ve always wanted to grow a pecan tree, but were afraid that you lived too far north and your cold winter freezes would kill off your harvest, you will be happy to hear about Pawnee.

Pawnee Pecan Tree (Carya illinoinensis ‘ Pawnee’) grows further north than any other pecan.

Handling winter temps up to zone 6 means that you can grow Pawnee in all but the coldest places.

We hear reports of people getting huge fall harvests in Rhode Island, Michigan, and Washington! Pawnee makes a fantastic shade tree for a small yard – it only grows 20-30 feet tall and 15-25 feet wide – but, boy, it pack a big harvest into a little space! In the fall you will get loads of the largest and sweetest pecans you’ve ever seen.

The thin shells make these big nuts easy to crack – and even easier to eat and enjoy! Commercial growers love Pawnee Pecans because they produce nuts earlier than other trees, are scab resistant and can withstand a lot of water better than other pecans – let the rain come down! You will always get a good harvest of great nuts from a happy Pawnee Pecan tree.

Buy one today and see for yourself!
* Beautiful shade tree
* Loads of huge pecans
* Reliable producer
* Great sweet-nut flavor

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