Garden Plant: Pawnee Buttes Sand Cherry

Pawnee Buttes Sand Cherry Garden Plant

Pawnee Buttes Sand Cherry

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Picking Cherries without a Ladder Pawnee Buttes Western Sand Cherry, Prunus besseyi ‘ Pawnee Buttes’, has a graceful, ground cover form of the western sand cherry.

Fragrant, white flowers appear on Pawnee Buttes in April.

During the summer, this shrub produces a heavy crop of black cherries.

‘ Pawnee Buttes is one of the hardiest of deciduous shrubs.

It matures to a rounded sprawling form of 16-18 inches in height and 6-8 feet in width.

The lustrous green leaves turn red to purple in fall.

Preferring full sun, it adapts to heat and can be used in hot, dry areas of the landscape.

This shrub is also cold tolerant and hardy.

It prefers well drained soil, but it will adapt to most soils, including clay.

Western Sand Cherry is rarely bothered by insects or diseases.

The fruit of this Western Sand Cherry is a sour cherry that is purple to black in color.

These cherries can be used in pies and jellies.

If they are left on the bush, they will attract birds and wildlife.
* White Flowers in April
* Black Cherries Attract Wildlife
* Sprawling Form and Hardy

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