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Paris Coral Bells Garden Plant

Paris Coral Bells

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Columns of Bells over Frosty Green Sea Coral Bells Paris, Heuchera ‘ Paris’, is as silvery colored as any of our “minty” selections.

It has striking, white-veiled sea green foliage with ruffled edges.

These leaves give rise to continuous columns of large, deep rose-colored flowers.

‘ Paris’ is a 14″ mounding plant that combines the striking white-frosted green leaves with stalks of cheery rose-red flowers and repeat blooms until frost! Good drainage is essential while roots establish themselves.

‘ Paris’ looks especially good around the edge of borders, near variegated plants, woodland edges, rock gardens, perennial borders, or in mass to form an attractive ground cover.

Cold and drought tolerant and withstanding heat and humidity, nothing seems to phase this plant.

‘ Paris’ needs about one inch of water per week; divide clumps in fall.

Heuchera adds a bit of flavor to any perennial garden with its texture, vigor, and vibrant color.

Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, ‘ Paris’ will surely become a “must have ” as it contrasts dramatically with other colors in your garden!
* Stalks of Deep Rose Colored Flowers
* Frosty Sea Green Foliage
* Blooms Spring To Frost Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

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