Garden Plant: Palace Purple Coral Bells

Palace Purple Coral Bells Garden Plant

Palace Purple Coral Bells

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Product Description: Palace Purple Coral Bells

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One of Our Best Sellers with Unique, Deep Purple Foliage! The Heuchera ‘ Palace Purple’, Heuchera micrantha, also known as Alumroot or Coral Bell, is one of the most popular Coral Bells on the market! Being named Perennial of the Year in 1991, one can see why.

With its unique deep purple foliage, fading to bronzy green in hot summers, and its dark red stems, it is a little different than the rest.

In the springtime, small pinkish and white flowers appear that last into the summer, however, Coral Bells are not known for their flowers, but their foliage.

‘ Palace Purple’ has a plant spread of 10-15 ” and a height of 12-18 ” .

It is best to grow it in medium wet, well-drained soils, in full shade.

(It can tolerate some morning sun.

) ‘ Palace Purple’ looks especially good around the edge of borders, near variegated plants, woodland edges, rock gardens, perennial borders, or in mass to form an attractive ground cover.

Cold and drought tolerant and withstanding heat and humidity, nothing seems to phase this plant.

‘ Palace Purple’ needs about one inch of water per week; divide clumps in fall.

Heuchera adds a bit of flavor to any perennial garden with its texture, vigor, and vibrant color.

Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, ‘ Palace Purple’ will surely become a “must have ” as it contrasts dramatically with brighter colors in your garden!
* Purple Foliage Fades to Green
* Red Stems Support Pink and White Flowers
* Morning Sun or Full Shade Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

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