Garden Plant: Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rose

Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rose Garden Plant

Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rose

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Product Description: Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rose

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Brilliant yellow stays bright all season! Yellow roses have a little bit of a reputation.

Difficult to grow.

Don’t hold their color.

Fade to white and look old on the bush.

Don’t bloom as much as other roses.

Well, let us introduce you to this little rebel! Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rose (Rosa x ‘ Chewhocan’) proved itself again and again in field tests.

The sunny, Big- Bird yellow flowers will not fade to white as they age and pop like highlighter against the glossy green leaves.

Lemon Zest is very free-flowering.

It covers itself in blooms all summer and into the fall every year without fail.

The blooms are self-cleaning, so you never have to prune or deadhead again! This is the winner of an Award of Excellence from the American Rose Society, so you know that it is going to be a fantastic performer in your own garden.

To get that award it had to prove itself with constant bright color and excellent disease resistance.

Oso Easy roses were bred to be just that – oh-so-easy to grow.

Whether you are a beginning gardener or an experienced rosarian, these rose will make your garden shine! Use them as a low flowering hedge along a fence or driveway.

Put them in pots by the front door.

Group them under your favorite tree.

Lemon Zest is sure to please and will keep the color coming all season!
* Very easy care
* 2′-3′ tall and wide
* Covered in canary-yellow flowers all summer
* Disease resistant
* Great in containers
* Self-cleaning

Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rose Order Options