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Old Gold Juniper Garden Plant

Old Gold Juniper

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Small Gold Juniper The Old Gold Juniper, Juniperus x pfiteriana ‘ Old Gold Juniper’, is an evergreen with a unique blending of green, yellow and gold foliage.

Use this plant as an accent planting or as a low hedge in full to part sun.

The passing of autumn into winter is often a dismaying time for those who value the vibrant colors of summer, but your Juniper Old Gold will rescue you from the doldrums of the season with its evergreen brilliance.

Fading into the background during the summer months, you’ll be delighted to realize that your Old Gold Juniper is there to brighten the landscape with its unique foliage once the weather turns cold.

Not just the average evergreen, the Old Gold performs just as its name implies, with a gold-hued accent to its evergreen nature.

It’s sure to draw the eye, especially when the white snow adds its contrasting color to the surrounding browns and grays of the gold-toned evergreen.

The Old Gold Juniper has a low growing, dense nature with spreading branches and elegantly drooping tips.

It matures to a 2′-4′ shrub with an equal spread.

It has a slower growth rate than some other evergreens, but can live up to 30 years.

With so many evergreens to choose from, why not chose one with a bit of dramatic coloration? The Old Gold Juniper will stand out amid your usual evergreens and its long-lived nature will provide enjoyment for many years to come.
* Golden Green Foliage
* Slow Growing
* Full to Part Sun

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