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O’Henry Peach Tree

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Late Peach that Stores Well O’ Henry Peach, Prunus persica ‘ O’ Henry, is a fruit tree that produces delicious fruit.

Plant one in a sunny location in view of a window or patio.

There are few things as delightful as watching one’s own fruit tree as it progresses toward its sumptuous harvest each summer! Your O’ Henry Peach Tree is of course best known for the fruit it provides.

Large, firm and slightly fuzzy, it will be a satisfying handful on harvest day in August.

Even the outer appearance of this peach is outstanding, a lovely contrast to the green foliage as the red globes dangle amid the branches.

You won’t have any complaints about the flavor either.

The yellow-fleshed, semi-freestone fruit is streaked with red hues and as sweet and juicy as you could hope for.

It’s superb eaten right off the tree, still warm from the sun’s rays, but also keeps well on the kitchen counter.

It can even be easily frozen for future use.

O’ Henry Peach Tree is a strong, vigorous tree.

It will grow to about fifteen feet tall with a fourteen foot spread.

It’s a heavy-bearing tree, and self-fruitful as well.

The fruit is a favorite for shipping, and often chosen for its durability.

O’ Henry is a Peach Leaf Curl resistant variety, and generally disease resistant.

Overall, O’ Henry Peach is an excellent choice for a peach that’s reliable and of high quality.

With its self-fruitful feature, you can plant just one.

but we’re sure that once you’ve tried one, you’ll be back for more!
* Excellent fruit for storage and flavor
* Late maturity
* Stores well
* Disease resistant

O'Henry Peach Tree Order Options