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Oakland Holly

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A Classic Holly Made Even Better! Do you want to add some nice structural shape to your foundation plantings? Or does your perennial bed need some strong, thick, shrubby height to make it really pop this year? Then Oakland Holly, Illex hybrid ‘ Magland’, is the plant that you are looking for.

The Oakland Holly is a beautiful plant that is kin to the world renowned Oak Leaf Holly.

It has all of the best characteristics of this standard – it stays beautifully green all year round; it grows quickly to form a thick, impenetrable hedge; and it has classic deep red berries in the fall.

Its leaves are instantly recognizable, shaped like serrated oak leaves, with multiple spines.

What makes Oakland Holly better is that is quickly grows into – and stays in – the very desirable pyramid shape that other hollies are so often pruned to by landscapers.

Use this great shrub as a foundation hedge to frame the garage or front door.

Grow several side-by-side for a protective boundary hedge.

The spines make it an excellent deterrent.

Oakland Hollies can grow to 15 to 20 feet tall and 12 to 15 feet wide very quickly.

This makes it an excellent screen.

It takes shearing very well and can be kept at any height you wish, but with its classic shape no pruning is needed.

If you need a quick growing shrub that stay green year round, then you’ve found your plant.

Order several Oakland Hollies to complete your foundation planting today!
* Tough evergreen
* Sun or shade
* Classic pyramid shape
* Red berries in late winter

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