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North Star Boxwood

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Timeless Plant With Dark Foliage All Winter Some plants are so much a part of garden culture that it’s hard to imagine a landscape without them.

Boxwood (Buxus) are plants like that.

From the palace gardens of Wersailles to the Victorian Painted Ladies in San Francisco, boxwoods are in the picture.

A plant doesn’t attain that status without good reason.

Boxwood North Star (Buxus sempervirens ‘ North Star’ ) is a superb new hardy boxwood that lives up to the legend.

North Star features very dark foliage with a dense globe shape that requires little if any pruning.

North Star is perfect for the classic boxwood hedge of English garden fame that so many gardeners crave.

This boxwood would be perfectly happy being the formal gatekeeper to any garden bed.

Perhaps, though, you aren’t interested in a formal hedge, but lean more toward plants shaped like hearts or bunnies or frogs.

North Star Boxwood can be sheared into just about any shape and responds well to harsh pruning.

This boxwood stays emerald green all year, providing a beautiful counterpoint to a dreary winter and a refreshing sharpness to the dog days of summer.

It does fine in full sun or part shade and isn’t picky about soil.

It has its preferences, of course, and does best in an alkaline bed.

If your vision of a garden includes classic lines and timeless plants, you can’t go off course having North Star as your guide.
* Dark Green Foliage All Winter
* Globe Shape
* Little Pruning Required
* Great for Topiary

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