Garden Plant: Nikko Slender Deutzia

Nikko Slender Deutzia Garden Plant

Nikko Slender Deutzia

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Small Shrub with Big Appeal Nikko Slender Deutzia, Deutzia gracilis ‘ Nikko,’ is an awesome groundcover type shrub that is compact and spreading.

These would look terrific planted on a hillside or near a wall where you can show off their appearance of a cascading effect.

Slender Deutzia would also make a terrific container plant for your patio.

Your Slender Deutzia is a dwarf shrub that is compact and delightfully rounded in shape.

This diminutive shrub can easily fit into those difficult nooks and crannies in the garden where you could use some definition.

The willow-like leaves are a lively green and create a dense habit.

Those same leaves transition to a deep burgundy in autumn.

In spring, panicles of tiny white flowers pop out amid the foliage, a fitting welcome to the advent of summer.

Slender Deutzia is a deciduous shrub that is easy to grow and perfect for small spaces.

The additional treat of spring flowers and fall color is just an added bonus to an already delightfully lovely shrub.

Plant several Slender Deutzias and begin enjoying their diminutive elegance for years to come.
* Small, compact growth habit
* Spring Blooms
* Burgundy Foliage in Autumn

Nikko Slender Deutzia Order Options