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New Jersey Tea

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Marie Bleu New Jersey Tea, Ceanothus x pallidus ‘ Minmari’, is an outstanding compact plant that is covered with loads of misty blue flower heads in late spring.

Once flowing is finished, attractive red seed heads appear, adding another season of garden interest.

Marie Bleu New Jersey Tea is truly garden worthy.

Marie Bleu is well adapted to most any garden soil, so long as it is not too wet.

It is tolerant of drought once it is established.

Shear lightly after blooming to produce a stronger rebloom.

Prune in late fall or early spring.

In Northern states, this plant may dieback to the ground though roots are hardy and the plant will recover in time to flower.

The name New Jersey Tea probably came from the use of these plants dried leaves.

Allegedly, this was a popular tea in the Revolutionary War.

The Marie Bleu New Jersey Tea plant is highly adaptable to various soils and is quite drought tolerant due to its massive, deep root system.

There is always space for Marie Bleu New Jersey Tea in any landscape, and it will look terrific in yours as well!
* Soft blue flowers
* Blooms late spring

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