Garden Plant: Neon Burst Dogwood

Neon Burst Dogwood Garden Plant

Neon Burst Dogwood

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Product Description: Neon Burst Dogwood

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Electric Yellow R E A L L Y Stands Out in Your Yard! Neon Burst Dogwood (botanical name here) is highly desired for its full sun tolerance and that it looks great all season long.

Electric yellow foliage color really stands out in the landscape.

In spring and summer those shockingly yellow leaves can age to a chartreuse color as the season progresses.

An excellent, natural hedge plant that looks best without any pruning.

How about repeating this plant across a perennial border or in a mid-range shrub border? Neon Burst also looks great used singly as a specimen plant or to anchor a corner of a structure.

Creamy white flowers are born on the new growth in May.

Although not overly showy, they make great fillers in cut flower arrangements not only because of the flowers, but because of the beautiful showy yellow foliage.

The winter stem color is a lusty, shiny red color.

They look great in the landscape too.

Neon Burst Dogwood plants also add great color when used as snow fencing.

Neon Burst Dogwood only gets to be 4-5′ tall and wide.

It has an upright, spreading habit when young, and ages more rounded.

Remember pruning your Neon Burst Dogwood is best done by removing the oldest stems out to the ground level, and not necessary to do much other pruning.

The color of Neon Burst continues in the fall where the leaves burst into orange-yellow, red and even purple and put on quite a show.

Each season this plant shines.

Spring and summer shows off its great sunny leaf color, fall brings on a myriad of leaf color, and winter is when the beautiful red stems get to shine.

This is a unique shrub that is sure to please you through all 4 seasons.

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* Electric yellow foliage
* Lusty red stem color in winter
* Neat, compact size
* Great variety of fall color

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