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Navy Lady Rose

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Re- Blooming, Red Rose with a Hardy Nature Navy Lady Rose, Rosa ‘ A C Lady Navy’, is a perennial shrub with fantastic red flowers throughout the season.

Plant one in your rock garden, or use one as an accent to your perennial bed.

Anywhere you plant a Navy Lady Rose is sure to inspire awe with its brilliant red color and long-blooming nature.

Your Navy Lady Rose is an easy way to possess the beauty and elegance of velvety, red roses for your own home throughout the summer.

This hardy shrub rose begins its show in early summer with bright red roses against dark green foliage.

The large, semi-double roses repeat their bloom sporadically throughout the season, transitioning to a darker red (for the roses that appear later in the summer).

As if classic beauty wasn’t enough, your Navy Lady even emits a light fragrance for an additional enchanting flair.

Navy Lady Rose is a deciduous shrub growing up to 3 feet in height with an equal spread.

It has an upright form and rounded nature.

Navy Lady is disease resistant, cold tolerant and generally easy to care for.

Navy Lady Rose (as its name implies), honors the women of the Canadian Navy.

It was used to celebrate the Canadian Naval Centennial in 2010, and continues to be a beloved rose today.

Plant a Navy Lady today and you’ll soon see why this rose has such an honored status among roses.
* Re-blooming
* Amazing fragrance
* Cold tolerant
* Great cut flowers

Navy Lady Rose Order Options