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Natchez Blackberry

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Huge Sweet Fruit on a Thornless Wine! For blackberry growers there is often a choice to be made – big, sweet, luscious juice-dripping berries on vines with thorns like daggers, or easy-picking thornless vines with smaller, less-juicy berries.

Now, thanks to the phenomenal breeding program at the University of Arkansas, we don’t have to settle anymore! Introducing Natchez Blackberry (Blackberry ‘ Natchez P P20891’, Rubus ‘ Natchez’), the most prolific thornless berry producer available on the market.

Natchez produces lots of juicy, flavorful berries all season long for you, without the hassle of fighting thorns.

It is super-easy to grow (basically drop it into any well-drained soil and let it do its thing) and is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, folic acid and manganese, an essential mineral.

Talk about a fruitful investment! Planting Natchez is good for you and your family.

This vigorous vine grows like a rocket and will cover a trellis in no time.

Don’t have a good spot in your yard? They grow just as well in big pots! Plant a couple to get good pollination and even more berries.

Natchez Blackberry is a real boon to your edible garden.

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* Thornless vines
* Huge fruits that store well
* Great in containers

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