Garden Plant: Nantucket Blue Hydrangea

Nantucket Blue Hydrangea Garden Plant

Nantucket Blue Hydrangea

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Product Description: Nantucket Blue Hydrangea

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Repeat Blooms for Months The Hydrangea ‘ Blue Nantucket’, Hydrangea macrophylla ‘ G R E N A N’, is a great new hydrangea and is a repeat blooming selection of the renowned Hydrangea that adorns houses on the island of Nantucket.

Unlike most hydrangeas, this unique beauty blooms repeatedly on new growth throughout the growing season; may bloom from early summer well into early fall.

Dense leathery green foliage provides contrast for an abundant summertime display of blue (or pink) flower clusters that last until frost.

It is best to sweeten the soil with lime to turn the blooms to pink, or acidify the soil to intensify the blue.

Blooms on both old and new wood, near and far from the coast.

‘ Blue Nantucket’ grows best in afternoon shade or in dapple sunlight beneath large trees.

Planting on the east or north a side of a home also works well.

With hydrangeas the right amount of watering is important; you must never let them dry out! Use this plant as an accent plant, in mass plantings, or near water gardens or ponds.
* Repeat blooms on new wood
* Hardy zones 5 – 9
* Great for mass plantings

Nantucket Blue Hydrangea Order Options