Garden Plant: Nanho Blue Butterfly Bush

Nanho Blue Butterfly Bush Garden Plant

Nanho Blue Butterfly Bush

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This Hardy Shrub is a Beautiful Blue Butterfly Magnet! Buddleia or Butterfly Bush has been a garden sensation for centuries.

They took the garden world by storm when they were first planted in England’s Kew gardens in the 1880’s.

These shrubs grow from the ground to 4 or five feet tall in one season with hundreds of arching flowers covering the plants from summer to frost like a fountain.

Nanho Blue is hands down one of the most striking of all of the butterfly bushes.

This isn’t the typical purple, lavender or rose buddleia – this is a gentian blue that looks brilliant all season long.

It looks great on its own, but try it paired with White Profusion and Pink Delight for a real garden treat.

This super hardy plant loves full sun and thrives in almost any soil.

In warmer climates it can grow to 10 feet tall.

In cold-winter areas it will die to the ground, but come back even stronger in the spring.

Just like its name says, this shrub is a siren to butterflies – and also bees and hummingbirds.

They will be drawn to your Nanho Blue from all over the garden.

Plant this where you can watch all the action.

Make sure to order more than one because you will be so happy with Nanho Blue’s performance that you’ll want to start your own butterfly garden!
* Beautiful color
* Hardy and disease resistant
* Butterflies L O W E it!
* Make great cut flowers

Nanho Blue Butterfly Bush Order Options