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Mr. Lincoln Rose

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Grow Your Own Long- Stemmed, Red Roses! Mr.

Lincoln is an ” All American Winner ” and extremely popular hybrid tea rose.

It would look exceptional as an accent plant in your perennial bed, or use several as a decorative border along your sidewalk or patio.

Your Mr.

Lincoln Tea Rose is one of the best choices you can make for deep, red rose coloring.

Each long-stemmed, 4-inch bloom is fully double, with over 30 petals per blossom.

It has a strong fragrance that is said to be detected up to ten feet away, so certain to draw you in for a closer look.

It will begin to bloom in late spring, and keep you enthralled with its velvety-red roses throughout the summer.

The dark green foliage amid the sturdy stems adds to Mr.

Lincoln’s elegant appearance in the landscape, and is perfect as a cut flower.

Imagine a tall vase of these long-stemmed, red roses on your kitchen table! Mr.

Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose grows up to 4 feet in height with a 5-foot spread.

It has an upright form and is a vigorous grower.


Lincoln is tolerant of a variety of conditions and is generally a hardy rose variety.

If you love roses, then you won’t want to miss this chance to grow a Mr.

Lincoln in your own yard!
* Velvety, deep red roses
* Strong canes
* Outstanding fragrance
* Perfect cut flower

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