Garden Plant: Moonglow Sweet Bay Magnolia

Moonglow Sweet Bay Magnolia Garden Plant

Moonglow Sweet Bay Magnolia

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Product Description: Moonglow Sweet Bay Magnolia

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Fast growing ornamental grass with benefits! Oh, the beautiful magnolia! Of all the flowering trees, this is one of the most loved.

The flowers are gorgeous, the leaves are lovely and they add instant romance wherever they are planted.

They are as synonymous with the South as gardenias, camellias and grits.

Unfortunately, they traditionally don’t abide cold winters very well so they aren’t widely used above zone 6.

We know.

It’s sad.

But hopefully this will make you happy! Moonglow Sweet Bay Magnolia has all of the magnolia charm you want in a winter-lovin’ package! It will grow and flower all the way to zone 4! You read that right – zone 4! This beautiful deciduous tree will bloom with its gorgeous, fragrant, creamy-white flowers from spring into summer.

You can cut the flowers to float in a bowl of water on the table or use the leaves in floral displays, just like a big ol’ southern magnolia.

(It even flowers from a young age, for all of you impatient gardeners.

) This is such a great landscape tree, too.

It is perfectly sized so it fits into any border or foundation planting (15′ tall and 7′ wide).

Try it lining a walk or a driveway, too.

If you’ve always wanted a magnolia tree, but lived too far north to enjoy one, order your Moonglow Sweet Bay Magnolia from us today! And to all you Southerners – Moonglow loves living in the south too, so add it to your garden this year!
* Easy care
* Gorgeous scented flowers
* Perfectly sized for modern gardens – 15′ tall, 7′ wide
* Cut flowers
* Borders and beds

Moonglow Sweet Bay Magnolia Order Options