Garden Plant: Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush Garden Plant

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush

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Brilliant Blooms that Attract Butterflies Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush is an ornamental shrub with particular allure to butterflies.

Plant one near a path or patio where its vivid color and enticing fragrance is sure to delight you throughout the summer.

Your Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush is sure to astound you with its brilliant floral display and seemingly magical allure to pollinators.

You’ll enjoy the spikes of hot pink flower clusters that adorn your Miss Ruby mid-summer and persist until the first frost.

Many feel that the bright color this Miss Ruby variety presents is the most vibrant of any Butterfly Bush available today.

The delicious nectar the blooms produce, sweetened in the midday sun, creates a tempting call to hummingbirds, butterflies and bees.

giving the ” Butterfly Bush ” its name.

At times your Butterfly Bush will be so covered with butterflies that the foliage will seem to be alive with movement! Even without the magnificent flowers, Miss Ruby presents a full, lush appearance for your landscape, its elliptic, grey-green leaves a lovely accompaniment to the dazzling blooms.

Miss Ruby Butterfly Bush is a deciduous, well-branched bush that will grow to about 3 feet in height.

In northern climates it will die back to the ground for winter, but it can also be easily pruned.

Deadheading during the summer can increase your blooms, but isn’t necessary.

Miss Ruby has no significant disease or insect issues, and both rabbits and deer tend to pass it by.

For consistent blooms of high quality, and an abundance of color for your landscape, you can’t go wrong with Miss Ruby.

Once you plant one of these superior bushes in your yard, it won’t be long before it’s just as popular with you as it is with your butterflies and other pollinators.
* Brilliant blooms
* Fragrant
* Hardy
* Wildlife interest
* Drought Tolerant
* Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds

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