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Spectacular Spring Fragrant Flowers on a Hardy Shrub The Minuet Lilac (Syringa ‘ Minuet’) is a hardy shrub with outstanding spring flowers that are highly fragrant.

It would look spectacular in your yard planted as a hedge at the side of your house or as a focal point in your landscape.

Plant them in rows near your house to enjoy the sweet scent of lilac wafting along on the evening breeze.

There’s nothing quite as breathtaking as the sight of a 5-8 foot tall rounded shrub overflowing with a profusion of soft, warm purple flowers.

The Minuet is an especially prolific lilac, so plan on snipping a few handfuls of the rich lavender panicles to fill your house with the lilac scent of spring each year.

In the fall, the forest green foliage will turn a light yellow, adding further color to your autumn landscape.

The Minuet actually prefers to be left alone, so a lack of pruning will allow for even more blooms.

It’s easy to care for and hardy in most soils and conditions.

It’s even tolerant of polluted urban settings.

Lilacs have long been considered a symbol of love, and having one in your yard will certainly evoke those warm feelings of home and hearth.

Your landscape won’t feel quite complete until a Lilac graces it.
* Spring fragrant flowers
* Hardy Don’t Prune Lilacs During Fall or Early Spring Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs in Southern Regions

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