Garden Plant: Mini Mauvette Hydrangea

Mini Mauvette Hydrangea Garden Plant

Mini Mauvette Hydrangea

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Product Description: Mini Mauvette Hydrangea

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A brand new color for smooth hydrangeas! Smooth Hydrangeas are universally loved for their reliable – and reliably huge – mounding blooms.

Unfortunately, color has really never been their best attribute – unless you count the various shades of white and green they are known for.

That is, until now.

Invincibelle Mini Mauvette hydrangea isn’t like anything that’s come before! This brand new hydrangea is the same type of hydrangea as the much-loved Annabelle, but instead of the classic white blooms, Mini Mauvette is covered in deep pink/mauve colored bloom from summer to first frost, no matter what your soil ph is! The flowers are born on extra thick stems that don’t flop and are just begging to be cut for fresh or dried bouquets.

This is also a robust rebloomer, so you will have armfuls of blooms for your garden and vases.

Just find a nice place in your garden for it and then let it do its thing.

It will happily pump out flowers for you reliably year after year, even up to chilly zone 3! Deadheading isn’t necessary, but that’s really a moot point because you’ll want to keep cutting these beautiful flowers all season long.

It needs a little pruning in early spring, since it flowers on new wood, but otherwise this is an easy-peasy garden gem.

It’s naturally dwarf habit means it will fit into just about any garden no matter what the size.

We know that you will love Mini Mauvette as much as we do.

Order yours today!
* Easy care
* Huge gorgeous mauve blooms
* Native
* Dwarf
* Sun or part shade
* Cut flowers
* Urban gardens

Mini Mauvette Hydrangea Order Options