Garden Plant: Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle

Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle Garden Plant

Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle

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Product Description: Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle

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Deep Purple Leaves and Dark Pink Flowers Purple-leaved shrubs are a breath of fresh air in the heat of the summer garden.

Midnight Magic Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia ‘ P I I L A G- W’ PPAF) has purple/maroon leaves that will not only breathe new life into your tired landscape, but will add mystery, drama and depth.

As if the richly colored leaves weren’t enough, it blooms from July to September with amazing dark pink flowers that cover the shrub by the bushel.

Midnight Magic Crepe Myrtle is round and compact, growing only 4-6 feet tall.

It loves full sun and even keeps its dark leaf color in the high heat of a southern summer.

This is a great replacement for purple leaf plums in places where the plums are completely defoliated by August.

At a time of the year when many garden shrubs are flagging from the heat, Midnight Magic just getting started.

Plant this beauty as a striking specimen plant or try it in a mixed perennial border.

It looks great with yellows flowers or tan grasses.

When you plant it.

Just give it full sun and plenty of water.

Once it is established it will reward you with years of carefree blooms.

Let Midnight Magic work its own special brand of magic in your yard.

Order yours today!
* Deep purple/maroon leaves not diminished by summer heat
* Unique dark pink blooms
* Great replacement for purple-leaf plum

Midnight Magic Crape Myrtle Order Options