Garden Plant: Merlot Virginia Sweetspire

Merlot Virginia Sweetspire Garden Plant

Merlot Virginia Sweetspire

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An American Native with Spring AND Fall Color Oftentimes shrubs that give you great flowers in the spring don’t give you a great show in the fall, and shrubs that have great fall color are not showy in the spring and summer.

‘ Merlot’ Virginia Sweetspire, Itea virginica ‘ Merlot’, is happy to do both! In the spring and early summer ‘ Merlot’ Virginia Sweetspire blooms with long, arching wands of white flowers.

Not only are the flowers pretty, but they smell good too! They give off a sweet, woodsy scent.

Once the flowers leave in the heat of summer, the deep green leaves stay bushy on the plant, making it a great foundation planting.

Then, in the fall, the leaves turn from green to wine colored (‘merlot’ – get it?) and provide a great compliment to other fall colors.

You can also feel good that you are planting the Ithea virginica ‘ Merlot’ because it’s a native species.

Because it’s native it adapts well to many soil types, including heavy clay.

It will grow and thrive in full sun to almost full shade, but remember that the more sun it gets, the deeper the fall color will be.

‘ Merlot’ Virginia Sweetspire looks great in masses, so it make an excellent foundation planting or shrub border.

They are native understory plants in the woods, so mass some around your trees for a woodland effect.

It spreads by suckering which makes it a boss at erosion control, too.

Virginia Sweetspire ‘ Merlot’ will make an impact in spring, summer and fall and add an ever-changing palette to your home!
* 3 seasons of interest
* Shade or sun
* Hardy and adaptable native

Merlot Virginia Sweetspire Order Options