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Magnolia Susan

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Big Magnolia Blooms in a Little Magnolia Package Magnolias are fantastic additions to your garden.

When planted in a spot they like, they are very hardy and not fussy at all.

The Susan Magnolia (Magnolia x ‘ Susan’) is a sweet little magnolia that will provide years and years of pleasure.

This little gem was developed in the late 50’s at the National Arboretum.

She is one of the eight ” Little Girl” magnolias introduced at the time.

They don’t become large trees, like in the pictures you see of antebellum plantations.

Instead they stay as lovely shrubs.

‘ Susan’ has sweetly scented flowers that are a soft purple-pink on the bottom and white inside the ‘cup’.

The petals are slightly twisted which gives the whole shrub a sense of dynamic movement.

In late spring the flowers smother the stems before the leaves emerge.

Susan blooms later than other spring flowering shrubs, which helps it avoid frost damage to the flower buds.

The flowers make great cuts for bouquets, too.

A slow growing, bushy shrub, it reaches about 8 to 12 feet tall and wide at the most.

Susan isn’t fussy about soil and does fine in semi-shade or full sun.

She’ll make a beautiful statement in your foundation or border planting.
* Unique, softly twisting petals
* Bushy shrub
* Drought and heat tolerant

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