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Magnolia Betty

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Full-sized magnolia flowers on a sweet little magnolia tree! If you love the gorgeous blooms and heavenly scent of pink magnolia flowers, but don’t have the room to grow a large magnolia tree in your yard or garden then you will be thrilled to meet Betty.

Betty Magnolia (Magnolia x ‘ Betty’) was developed at the National Arboretum in the 1950’s to be a demure little tree.

Only growing 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide, Betty still packs a punch with full-sized 8 ” flowers that cover the tree in the spring before the leaves bud out.

Betty is filled with blooms that are lavender-pink on the outside and clear white on the inside.

Since it was bred to not only be smaller than other magnolias, but to bloom later than them too, Betty is less apt to suffer frost damage in spring (a great boon to northern gardeners who long to have this southern beauty bloom for them).

Be patient with Betty, though.

It takes 2 to 3 years to flower, but is so worth the wait! When the blooms subside, the foliage will begin to emerge with a coppery hue and then transition to a deep forest green.

‘ Betty’ Magnolia tolerates almost any soil, but is best grown in moist, organically rich, acidic, well-drained loam in full sun to part shade.

Plant it in a location protected from high winds and avoid southern exposures close to houses – the buds may be tricked by the heat and light to open too early in spring.

This magnolia is a low maintenance shrub that can be used for a mixed shrub border, city courtyard garden, cottage informal garden, or as a specimen or accent plant.

We know that you will love Betty in your garden and have plenty of healthy plants ready to go today, so don’t wait to order a few from us right now!
* White and purple cup-shaped flowers
* Heavenly scent
* Easy care
* Perfect for smaller gardens
* Tolerant of urban pollution

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