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Luscious Pear Tree

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Blushing Sweet Yellow Pear The Luscious Pear (Pyrus ‘ Luscious’) produces a medium to small bright yellow pear with a beautiful red blush.

The fruit is very juicy, and deliciously sweet.

A very vigorous grower, the Luscious Pear will mature at a height of 20-25 feet.

It is considered a mid-sized tree that will really reward you when planted in full sun.

It also prefers well drained soil.

Your Luscious Pear is fireblight resistant and extremely hardy, as low as minus 50 degrees.

In spring the Luscious Pear is a show stopper.

It will announce the season with large clusters of gorgeous, snow white flowers.

In early fall your pear tree will be heavy with ripe juicy pears ready to be enjoyed right off the tree.

That’s not all though, the Luscious Pear is also a high quality dessert pear with endless possibilities.

Imagine serving your guests mouthwatering, caramelized pears with pork roast.

They will be so impressed and only you will know how easy it was to make.

Or delight your family when the smell of a pear crisp baking fills the house.

Warm pear crisp will be a perfect finish to a brisk autumn day.

If you like the Bartlett Pear, you’ll love the Luscious Pear.

It is similar to the Bartlett pear but with a more intense flavor.

The Lucious Pear does best with a second tree for cross pollination.

As beautiful as they are, you’ll want to plant two to create a stunning focal point.
* Intense Flavor
* Cold Tolerant and Disease Resistant
* Disease Resistant Recommended pollinators: Bartlett, Comice, Bosc, D’ Anjou

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