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Lucerne Grass

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Delicate Lavender Blossoms for Your Garden Lucerne Grass is a herbaceous perennial that produces lovely flowers.

Plant several of these in a naturalized area of your landscape for a splash of color in spring.

These would also make a wonderful ground cover in your perennial bed or work well to fill in some bare spots in your rock garden.

This adorable little “grass ” will enchant you with its grass-like foliage and petite, yellow-eyed lavender blossoms.

The delicate, 3/4-inch blooms will peek out at you amid the foliage from May until June (sometimes longer depending upon the conditions), and provide a vibrant, green carpet of foliage.

Your Lucerne Grass is especially valued for its vertical nature, a perfect addition for tight spaces where you don’t want something that bumps shoulders with other plantings.

Lucerne Grass will grow up to 2 feet in height with a 1-foot spread.

It has a clump-forming nature and is adaptive to a variety of soils and conditions.

Lucerne Grass tends to be maintenance free and quite hardy, so you won’t have to spend time and effort to reap its exceptional rewards.

Many popular perennials are large and ostentatious, but Lucerne Grass proves that you don’t have to be big in size to make a big impression in the garden.

Add a few Lucerne Grass to your yard this year, and you’ll soon see why this little gem is considered a big value.
* Lavender flowers
* Semi-evergreen foliage
* Drought tolerant
* Adaptive to a variety of conditions
* Works well in containers

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