Garden Plant: Lord Baltimore Hibiscus

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus Garden Plant

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus

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Tropical Appeal and Fast Results It’s difficult to accurately describe the true majesty of a Lord Baltimore Hibiscus.

Each huge blossom features a bold shade of crimson, with the flowers reaching up to 10 inches across! The blooms consist of 5 silken petals with a textured appearance and uneven edges for a slightly ruffled affect.

A long stamen with yellow highlights protrudes from the center of each bloom, an added accent to further draw the eye.

Imagine a profuse bloom of these magnificent flowers in your yard from July until frost! Each Lord Baltimore flower lasts for about a day, with new blooms immediately opening up to replace the last.

However, even when the blooms are sparse, the foliage maintains interest.

The green leaves are reminiscent of maple leaves, deeply lobed and with a glossy sheen.

Growth starts out slow in the spring, but then really takes off for quick results.

Your Lord Baltimore Hibiscus is a herbaceous perennial that will grow up to 5 feet in height with a 3-foot spread.

It’s fast-growing with an upright nature.

Lord Baltimore tolerates light shade and wet soils, so may do well in some of the low areas of your yard.

You could also plant a few for a decorative border, or use just one for a bright accent amid less brilliant plantings.

Patio containers also provide a lovely setting for your Lord Baltimore, and make it easy to bring them inside for winter.

Butterflies, hummingbirds and bees will love your Lord Baltimore Hibiscus, but deer will tend to pass it by in favor of tastier treats.

Nothing has tropical appeal in a non-tropical setting like a Hibiscus, and Lord Baltimore is a stellar example of a way to bring those large, brilliant flowers to your home this year.
* Decorative foliage
* Fast growing
* Works well in containers

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