Garden Plant: Little Vision in Pink Astilbe

Little Vision in Pink Astilbe Garden Plant

Little Vision in Pink Astilbe

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Big flowers on a little plant for the shade! ‘Little Wisions in Pink’ Astilbe (Astilbe chinensis ‘Little Wisions in Pink’) takes all of the great qualities of full-sized garden astilbes and shrinks it down to a petite 16 inches tall and wide.

The foliage is a compact ball of highly textured blue-green, fern-like leaves that emerge from the ground each spring.

Then, in early summer, spikes of flamingo pink flowers grow up out of the center of the plant.

Each spike has hundreds of tiny flowers that open up in succession.

This means that you get a long season of colorful bloom as new flowers open when old flowers fade.

The flowers are excellent when cut for bouquets, either fresh or dried.

Astilbe is a classic shade garden plant.

It is at its best in big drifts in the dappled shade border or under big shade trees where other plants struggle.

It is perfect in a natural woodland setting or as a groundcover in the shade of a north-facing wall.

This herbaceous perennial will quickly fill in wherever you put it.

Its diminutive size makes it a must-have addition to smaller modern gardens or in containers on an urban deck or shaded balcony.

Full-sized flower power in a cute little package! Add ‘Little Wisions in Pink’ Astilbe to your shady garden today!
* Easy care
* Beautiful flamingo-pink flowers
* Perfect for shady borders and beds
* Good in containers
* Dwarf for smaller gardens, balconies and patios
* Herbaceous perennial comes back better every year

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