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Little Quick Fire Hydrangea Garden Plant

Little Quick Fire Hydrangea

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Early Blooming Dwarf Hydrangea Get a jump start on your other hydrangea varieties with Little Quick Fire, a dwarf selection that blooms up to a month earlier than other hydrangeas.

Little Quick Fire’s 8-inch long panicles of white flowers rise up above the oval, green foliage in early summer.

The fluffy-appearing panicles have more of a cone shape than the typical ball shape, and transition over time from pristine white to a unique rosy-pink tone that catches the eye.

As they age, the coloration even approaches a red/purple hue.

so it’s like enjoying a variety of colors on one plant.

The show continues throughout summer and right into fall.

Your Little Quick Fire Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub that will grow up to 5 feet in height with an equal spread.

Its color not affected by soil P H.

It flowers on new wood, so even those late spring frosts are of no concern.

The panicles of blooms are supported on sturdy stems, maintaining an upright appearance rather than hanging their heads like some other hydrangeas do (so you won’t have to worry about staking them).

Little Quick Fire is adaptive to a variety of soils and quite hardy overall.

Plant a few in containers or even just one as an accent where you’d like some early and long-lasting color in your landscape.

Quick Fire is a popular variety of hydrangea, and Little Quick Fire is perfect for gardeners who would like a Quick Fire but just don’t have much room.

With its earlier bloom season, Little Quick Fire is a terrific way to extend your hydrangea bloom period this year without giving up a lot of gardening space.
* Summer flowers
* Repeat bloomer
* Fast growing
* Cold hardy Pruning Woody Hydrangeas

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