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Little Gem Magnolia

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Big Magnolia Flowers on a Petite Magnolia Tree! Magnolias are those evergreen stalwarts of gardens all over the U S.

Their big beautiful leaves and massive sweet smelling flowers are always welcome in the landscape.

Unfortunately, some gardens aren’t big enough to handle a full-sized magnolia tree.

Or you might have a place – a perennial border or evergreen foundation bed – where you’d love the color and flowers of a magnolia, but not the size.

Little Gem Magnolia is a shrub-like tree that has all of the great qualities of full-sized magnolia in much less space.

Its 8-inch creamy-white flowers even last longer than its bigger cousins.

It blooms so early that it will have flowers for almost a full six months! Not to be outdone by the flowers, the leaves, with their glossy green tops and fuzzy brown undersides, are equally as beautiful in cut flowers arrangements as the flowers.

Super tough, this tree can handle winters better than most.

In the south it will even grow in the winter months! If you have limited planting space, the narrow column shape will fit just about anywhere.

Little Gem isn’t a dwarf, though.

It can grow to a full 20 feet tall in 7 or 8 years.

Little Gem is one of the most commonly grown of all the magnolias, and for good reason.

Fit one into your landscape today!
* Easy care
* Beautiful shape
* Full-sized flowers and leaves
* Drought tolerant once established

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