Garden Plant: Let’s Dance Starlight Hydrangea

Let's Dance Starlight Hydrangea Garden Plant

Let’s Dance Starlight Hydrangea

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Product Description: Let’s Dance Starlight Hydrangea

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Huge flowers bring romance to your garden Don’t settle for the same old thing when it comes to your hydrangea plantings.

(You D O grow hydrangeas, don’t you? If not you are missing out!) Hydrangea Let’s Dance Starlight (Let’s Dance Starlight Hydrangea macrophylla ‘ Lynn’ P P: 20019) is a beautiful landscape plant that adds bright color to any garden.

Starlight is truly versatile, whether planted in masses around the garden, in a perennial shrub border, used as a specimen or even as a hedge.

It works equally well in containers and as a splendid cut flower.

The lace heads are romantic in bouquets and only a couple fill a vase to overflowing! One of the best things about the Let’s Dance line of hydrangeas is that they bloom on both old and new wood – no pruning needed to get them to bloom! Soil P H affects the flower color – so you can change the flowers from royal blue to hot pink – you’re choice! Let’s Dance Starlight is a real workhorse.

It is the first reblooming lace-cap hydrangea, and has truly rich, vibrant flower color.

It’s an elegant addition to any garden.
* Good for fresh or dried cut flowers
* Bloom for 4 weeks or more
* Great in containers

Let's Dance Starlight Hydrangea Order Options