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Lemon Grass

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Fast growing ornamental grass with benefits! Lemon Grass (Cymbogogon citratus) has been grown for centuries in Southeast Asia.

There it is used to enrich and perfume soups, stir-fries, rice and other culinary dishes.

Sure, you can sometimes buy it in your local specialty grocery store – if they have it this week.

But like most edibles, store-bought can’t hold a candle to home grown.

So, save yourself money and time.

Grow your own Lemon Grass at home and spice up your cooking this year! Not only is Lemon Grass a great addition to your kitchen garden, but it is a fantastic ornamental plant for your beds, borders and containers.

Lemon Grass is a perennial in tropical zones 10-11 and an annual everywhere else.

Don’t let that deter you from getting it, though.

It grows quickly (it can grow up to 3′ in one season!) and will add instant beauty wherever you put it.

It does fine in the ground all summer.

Just dig it up, pot it and bring it in to vacation by a bright sunny window for the winter.

It is often used as the ‘thriller’ in designer pots where the leaves can by touched to release the lemony scent.

Whether you are a cook or not, this is a great addition to any modern garden – big or small.

If you need a quick filler, Lemon Grass is a sure bet! Order yours today.
* Easy care
* Scented leaves
* Quick grower
* Fantastic in pots
* Culinary use
* Borders and beds

Lemon Grass Order Options