Garden Plant: Leafscape Little Flames Leucothoe

Leafscape Little Flames Leucothoe Garden Plant

Leafscape Little Flames Leucothoe

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Product Description: Leafscape Little Flames Leucothoe

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Color, ease and reliability! People often contact us here at Nature Hills asking for ways to bring color into their garden.

More often than not they come with a preconceived idea that flowers are the only ways to bring vibrant color and reliable interest to the landscape.

Then they also go on to want the plant to work in any setting, have leaves all year, never need pruning, not get too big or stay too small and not need a lot of attention while bringing a lot of attention to wherever they put it.

Oh, can it work in a container too? We smile when we get these calls and point them to this little gem of a plant.

Little Flames Leucothoe (L E U C O T H O E F O N T A N E S I A N A ‘ L E A F S C A P E L I T T L E F L A M E S’) This little evergreen shrub is impressive.

It is native to America, so it is reliably hardy and is very adaptable.

It keeps its lovely green foliage all year long, and twice a year (in spring and again in fall) it lights up with new growth than turns as red as an iron brand.

It completely energizes the garden when it changes colors.

Little Flames only grows 2 feet high and wide and keeps a nice compact round shape that doesn’t require any pruning.

Low maintenance.

Great color shifts.

Beautiful form.

Works anywhere (even in containers!) This might just be the perfect plant for your garden.

You can call us if you want, we love to talk! But it might be quicker to go ahead and order this little beauty today.

(Then you can call us and tell us how much you love it!)
* Low maintenance
* Fast Growing
* No pruning needed
* Showy color in spring and fall
* Great for containers
* Sun or part
* Shade
* Evergreen

Leafscape Little Flames Leucothoe Order Options