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Lamium White Nancy Garden Plant

Lamium White Nancy

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The Lamium ‘ White Nancy’, Lamium maculatum, has beautiful oval, variegated silvery-white leaves with greenish margins.

The short spiked white flowers make it a wonderful ground cover.

With a plant height of 12 inches and a spread of 18 inches, Lamium ‘ White Nancy’ blooms from May to July.

‘ White Nancy’ will grow best in full sun, but will tolerate some afternoon shade in a moist area.

Plant in a well-drained soil and do not allow it to dry out.

Use Lamium in hanging baskets, in mixed containers, trailing over walls or as an edger, but spread must be controlled.

‘ White Nancy’ looks great among Hostas, Ferns, Lungworts (Pulmonaria), bulbs and wildflowers.

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