Garden Plant: Lamium Pink Chablis

Lamium Pink Chablis Garden Plant

Lamium Pink Chablis

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Cotton Candy Pink Flowers Lamium Pink Chablis, Lamium maculatum ‘ Pink Chablis’ PPAF, is a new award winning cultivar which is a frothy confection of silver and green foliage is highlighted by cotton candy pink flowers.

Use as a filler in containers for a wonderful foliage accent! This versatile plant has deer resistant foliage and will grow well in sun or shade.

Lamium prefers a semi-shady dry area with well-drained soil, but will tolerate a wide range of soils and moisture.

It is best to cut this plant back after the first bloom to promote compact growth.

Plant in a well-drained soil and do not allow it to dry out.

Use lamium in hanging baskets, in mixed containers, trailing over walls or as an edger, but spread must be controlled.

‘ Pink Chablis’ looks great among hostas, ferns, lungworts bulbs and wildflowers.

It nicely disguises dying bulb foliage and makes an excellent weed-smothering ground cover.
* Silver and Green Foliage
* Cotton Candy Pink Flowers in Spring
* 12″ Vigorous Groundcover

Lamium Pink Chablis Order Options